Balloon seller, Partinico, Sicily.

Mr. Doyle and Perseus (not Pegasus) the horse.


Father and son fishing at dusk in the Val’ d’Orcia in Tuscany. Fishing for carp mainly. The grandfather was there too, further upstream. It got me thinking how perfect it was that three generations were fishing together in the shallows of a river in spring at dusk a short walk from their home.

Mr. Francis, the tailor from St. Lucia living in Hackney.

Viv, an artist living in South London.

Tippe. Elephant and Castle.

Andrias, fisherman and schoolteacher.

Two gentlemen in Randazzo, Sicily.


Musician, Bologna.

Allotments in Dingle, Liverpool.

In Estonia.

Young boy travelling to school across the Thames via the Tilbury ferry.

Steve volunteering for an environmental charity in the city.