My story about the Galgael Trust in Glasgow has been published by the BBC today. Here’s a link to the story below and to the Galgael’s site. The Galgael workshop in Govan is a welcoming place full of great people, where the most marginalised in the city can come and learn to work with wood, built boats and feel like they are part of a wider family, a clan.

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Roy at the junction in Stamford Hill,

The bus broke down and Roy was sat at the front of the top deck looking out of the window.

Why are you wearing this jacket? I like your hat.
‘I asked God to help me, to show himself to me’
Where you in a church?
‘I was in a church, but that doesn’t matter. I asked if God was there then I wanted him to show himself to me and to help me manage my life for the better. I’ve got two Bibles, do you want one?’
I’ve got one thanks.
‘Well read it then’
Roy, why does God appear to some people and not to others, why does it only happen to some people?
‘You have to be sincere, you have to believe. Look, it’s like the breeze, you can feel it. It’s there all the while, but you have to be sincere’.

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