The German couple in the fjord.

The German couple arrived in a small boat, the word is skiff isnt it? A boat for one or two. The bay was so still its surface was taut and oily like celluloid film. They sat by their fire drinking cider and wine, they played music on their iphone and it bounced off the smooth stones they sat on. They’d moved out of Germany and lived in this small fjord in Norway. She was the local shop keeper. They told stories of their neighbours having guns for hunting and dynamite for blasting the foundations of their homes. He recalled how someone once dropped dynamite whilst handing it to him. The sun was nearly set, it was past midnight. As I was walking back to my boat the German man jumped up and pointed to the sky. An eagle passed over our heads, it’s silhouette passed across the pontoon, over the mast and into the tree line.

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