I sailed on the sailing yacht Hummingbird from Norway to Shetland, Shetland to the Faroe Islands and then from the Faroes to Iceland.This voyage re traced one of the old Viking routes. On board I was a both a crew member and I was also fulfilling a commission as a photographer. Alongside these roles I made my own work, which is shown here. I became interested in the boat itself and the process of floating on and in the sea. I created sound recordings of the inside of the boats hull as I slept between shifts. I liked the noise’s made by Hummingbird’s hollow insides and the rolling and sliding motions of the yacht on and over the waves and swell. My interest in floating and weight led me to make small boats from stones found on the islands of the North Atlantic. Most of them come from a small beach on the Out Skerries.

Hull Recordings

Whilst crossing the North Atlantic on the sailing boat Hummingbird I recorded the sounds of the boat in the water from my bunk before I slept. Sleeping was often in three hour shifts. I slept on the water line but in the swell the bunk would travel both above and below the water. I placed a recording device in the hull itself. Each recording represents part of the voyage. It’s best to listen through headphones.

North Atlantic Passage 2, Utsera to Shetland part II

North Atlantic passage 3, Shetland to the Faroe Islands, nighttime

North Atlantic passage 4, Sailing towards the Faroe Islands


Stones Boats

Stone boats made from stones taken from small quiet beaches on the Out Skerries on the Shetland Isles.