Anglesey sounds recorded on easter walk around the island.

When I was a child we would holiday on Anglesey in North Wales, staying in small bays, camping and once in a cottage. My work about Anglesey is probably a coming together of all things past and present. The sound of the sea shifting shingle up the shore, or watching black clouds moving across the sky on a moonlit night, the wind worn landscape and it’s spikey gorse and the times the car radio would occasionally pick up Irish radio as we dipped up and down the lanes. I’ve walked and camped all over the island.

In this portfolio are some of the stories that are important to me. The story of the Jones family at the dairy farm ‘Caerdegog’. The fishermen who fish the nuclear outlet at Wylfa nuclear power station on the north of the island and the sense of place I felt when I walked around the coast. All these works are connected and ongoing.